Congratulations Marc Labudde!

Marc Labudde successfully defended his bachelor thesis. Congratualtions! Marc developed a stabilized laser driver that will be used in a diode-pumped solid state laser (DPSS laser). The laser driver controls the current and temperature of a InGaN laser diode that emits at 444 nm. The 1 Watt beam of the laser diode is focused on a Pr:YLF crystal that itself is part of a laser cavity and produces a laser beam at a wavelength of either 639 nm (red) or 604 nm (orange). This DPSS laser is very colorful and lends itself well for being used for classroom and outreach demonstrations. The development of the stabilized laser driver was a project in collaboration with Prof. Ursula Keller and PhD student Christian Zaugg from the Ultrafast Laser Physics Group at ETH Z├╝rich, Switzerland.

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